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Greater Saskatoon Catholic School LibGuide 

Elementary Schools

Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School by Tetyana Lemon

Bishop Klein by Carrie Lorenz

Bishop Pocock by Theresa Raina Stadnyk

Bishop Roborecki by Michelle Heiser

École Cardinal Leger by Jacqueline Jackson

École Sister O’Brien by Jacqueline Jackson

École St. Gerard by Lucie Altman

École St. Matthew by  Aline Gauthier

École St. Paul by Lucie Altman

Father Robinson by Sheila Gerwing

Father Vachon by Renee Cherniawsky

Georges Vanier Catholic School by  Rhonda Morari

Holy Family Catholic School by Anna Lorenz

Mother Teresa by Rhonda Morari & Lucie Altman

Pope John Paul II by  Anne-Marie Breckner

St. Angela by Carrie Lorenz

St. Anne by Carol Engel

St Augustine by Ted Elash

St. Augustine Humboldt by Kerry Hoppe

St. Bernard by Theresa Raina Stadnyk

St. Dominic by Jennifer Meikle

St. Dominic Humboldt by Carolyn Janidlo

St. Edward by Anna Thompson

St Frances by Carla Katerynych

St. Gabriel Biggar by Alicia Zimmer & Regina Zerr

St. George by Michelle Vanhouwe

St. Maria Goretti Community School by Anna Thompson

St. John by Carrie Lorenz

St. Luke by Renee Cherniawsky

St. Marguerite by Michelle Heiser

St. Mark by Connie Davis

St. Mary’s Wellness and Education Centre by  Michelle Vanhouwe

St. Michael Community School by Anna Lorenz

St. Peter by Anna Thompson

St. Philip by Renee Cherniawsky

St. Volodymyr by Anne-Marie Breckner

Saskatoon French School by Brian Boutin

High Schools

Bethlehem Catholic High School by Glenn McLean





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